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Method Development

Fully customizable validated high throughput solutions for Drug Tox, Rehab, and Pain, Wellness, Allergen, Product Support, and method development options are available as well. 

Customized 24-48 hour remote data services and application support- The highest quality analytical chemists without paying the high salaries.


We can provide validated or customized drug tox solutions - demands on labs evolve over time and the landscape changes (Carfentanyl, Bath Salts, Medical Examiners Office feedback)


Your lab method can be installed, validated, and staff provided method specific training in as little as 1 month - we developed the methods ourselves and we know the pitfalls.


Unique solutions - ex,  Etg/Ets analysis that allow for seamless integration with tox method on 1 instrument.


Sample prep expandability from vial based prep to robust 96 well plate robotic system.



Data Support Packages

We have licensed certifying scientists that can help you with your data review. 

Save money on salary and let our experienced scientists take on your data burden.

Data support also entails performance feedback loops to be proactive in addressing QC, regression and batch issues. 



Tailored Training

We provide training from LCMSMS experts: 
Our trainers have experience from industry, research, CROs, and the manufacturers themselves. 

Our hands on training includes:

  • Maintenance

  • Software

  • Hardware operation

  • Sample prep

  • High throughput workflows



Service Partnerships

Direct partnership with a scientific engineering company to offer fully customizable service options to provide protection for high complexity systems.

CQ has service packages that are less expensive and offer greater levels of customization than the manufacturers offer.

You choose from billable options to full coverage depending on your needs.

Our engineers work to application specs, not engineering specs.



Validation Support

Validation support to ensure your validation testing goes off without a hitch.

CQ can provide onsite support during your validation to ensure success.

Use EP Evaluator for industry recognized data analysis.

Help prepare you for inspection.

Streamlined processes allow for ultra fast validation. 



Financing Options

Finance company partnerships to provide capitalization avenues. 

We have financing partners for customers who need assistance.

Access to used instrumentation for labs on a budget.

Great relationships with vendors to get you the best discount.

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