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CQ was created to bridge the gap between scientists and businesses by providing the highest quality scientists on an as needed basis. From customized sample preparation and analytical methodology to remote data processing, using Quants aggressively cuts costs and increases efficiencies. CQ’s mission, is to implement better science and improve laboratory efficiencies, from conception to validation and data turnaround. We further aid in staffing and training- making sure scientifically qualified candidates with the proper work ethic, are placed to make laboratories succeed.


“We are scientists that have worked for both the instrument manufacturers and high throughput CROs. We know the efficiencies and pitfalls – we can represent your company during the instrumental purchases and laboratory buildout phase, lowing entrance barriers and reducing the heaviest capital outlays. Overall, better methodology results in instruments performing and lasting longer, lower consumables costs, and higher quality data – less reruns and the elimination of false positives”

Michael Roberts

Frederic “Ricky” Ciner

Anthony Hall

Jennifer Collins

Joseph Kahl

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