• Can You Test THC Positive from Hemp Based Products?

    Can hemp-based CBD products cause a positive on a THC drug test? Another subject that has come up many times while working with labs. I have heard ...
  • Charging Effect

    It is not uncommon for customers to have a good tune report on an LCMS or GCMS but still have poor results with their samples.  One thing to keep i...
  • Cannabinoids in Blood Using Mitra Collection Device

    Here's a preview of more dried blood work coming from CQLabs skunkworks. Expanded cannabinoids panel 8+ compounds using Neoteryx mitra device.
  • This is the Lab Way

    When it comes to method criteria and validation procedures, I have spoken with countless lab directors, supervisors, auditors, consultants, etc. over the years and it amazes me how many insist that their way is “THE WAY”.
  • Stability and Isobaric Separation of Cannabinoids

    We often get asked these 2 questions: Are cannabinoids on dried blood platforms stable? Can you Separate Delta 8 THC from Delta 9 THC?

    The answer is yes and yes.