Lab Support Services

Service and Engineering

Chem Quant  is now offering a full line of engineering and support services for Shimadzu LC/GC/GC-MS/LC-MS systems at a lower cost and higher level of quality than our competitors. We offer Labor Only and Full Service contracts, Real Time Remote support,  PMs/cleanings, and training. ChemQuant’s new director of engineering/service David Geiger was the LCMS team leader for Shimadzu helping to formulate manuals and practices for their mass spectrometry program. We cover the US, Canada, and South America at this time, for other geographical areas feel free to contact us directly. Learn More

Instrument Procurement    

 Whether you're looking for used instrumentation for your lab for trying to offload your own existing equipment CQ can help you through the process. We can connect labs directly as well as work through our third party partners to procure in sell instrumentation. We also have financing partners experienced in instrument financing to make the process as smooth as possible. Learn More

Methods and Applications

 The Chem Quant Team has unrivaled experience in LCMS. Our scientists we have worked at leading vendors including Sciex and Shimadzu. Our experiences cover a range of applications including academia, clinical, pharma, and environmental. We have standard cookie cutter methods for labs looking for routine analysis but also offer custom methodology based on your exact needs. We are comfortable across a wide range of analytes including toxicology, hormones, pesticides, and more. Learn More

Data Review

data review.png

Chem Quant Can help reduce your data burden providing certified clinical scientists to help review your data. We offer both long term solutions and short term solutions based on your needs.