Methods and Applications



CQ has experience working with a variety of bloodspot platforms. We have worked with hundreds of compounds and can provide you with customs solutions to give your lab an edge.


Hormone analysis can be complicated but CQ can take that off your hands. We have validated both traditional assays as well as dried blood spot assays.


CQ can make custom vitamin methods for both water and fat soluble vitamins.


The Quants are pioneers in using Dried Blood technology to analyze cannabinoids. Our methods allow for easy collection of samples for R&D, PK work, and clinical applications. Learn More


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Chem Quant's high speed method can reach sub 4 minute elution time for all drugs and leads the industry. Our method runs positive and negative analytes simultaneously removing the need for second injections. 

FIALS Drug Screen

FIALS can screen for dozens of drugs in 1 minute with better  selectivity than immunoassay. At about 2$ a sample and with no reagent contacts, FIALS is redefining how labs screen for drugs. See Demo Video


CQ's alcohol method uses the same mobile phase as the Multi-drug method allowing seemless automated method transitions. 

Oral Fluid

Oral fluid matrix is very dirty for the instrument and can be difficult on a lab. CQ has the experience to navigate the pitfalls of oral fluid testing to keep your lab running smooth.